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What is MIOYM Rent to Own?

The MIOYM Rent to Own Program

We invite you to stop by and visit one of our fully renovated homes. For added peace of mind our homes must pass state certification. You will also have the opportunity to do a home inspection.

Once you have selected a property, to process your application we required to collect:

    • Most recent W2 and paystubs.
    • Social Security number
    • Current government issued identification


We will refer you to a credit repair specialist that will assist you with the following:

  • collections
  • low credit score
  • delinquent medical bill payment
  • multiple credit bureau inquiries

Down Payment

We will assist you in securing 1st time home buyers down payment available through your state or county. If you are unable to get down payment assistance we can help by

  • A portion of your monthly payment will go towards your down payment to purchase the home.
  • Occupy the home for 5 months while you accumulate the down payment
  • Once you have the down payment and approved mortgage, we can proceed to sign the contract of sale

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